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Stefan Amston

Stefan Amston

Born in Christchurch, but always dreaming of Queenstown. Stefan’s journey has taking him around the world before arriving back home to New Zealand and finally Queenstown.


What separates Stefan from the rest his work ethic and ways to find solutions. Any request will be considered and tailoring individual managing options to fit every unique requirement or circumstance has become second nature for him. Stefan’s sees property management as a team effort and will always be working with you and your best interest to achieve the goal of success.


With a background in hospitality and logistics management, Stefan knows the importance of efficiently while working under pressure and getting it right the first time.


Outside of work, you’ll find Stefan in the Ice hockey rink, representing New Zealand or the Skycity Stampede at international and national competitions and during the warmer months probably playing a few rounds of golf.


If you are looking for someone to help you best manage your dream, or need guidance before jumping in the deep end, give Stefan a call.


Harcourts Awards
Top Property Manager South Island, NZ
July - September 2018

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Stefan Amston

Property Manager

Level 1, 5 Duke Street
(Dual access off 37 Shotover Street)