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Air Conditioners – Maintenance

It is important that you clean your air conditioner filter on a 3 monthly basis. This ensures that your air conditioner will continue to perform in peak condition and to maintain pure air quality for the occupants of the property. Synthetic Filter (only) To clean your filter, remove it from the air conditioner and clean with mild detergent and luke-warm water. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse and dry the filter before replacing it in the unit. If the filter is not synthetic, please contact our office for further information and cleaning instruction.


It is extremely important that you do not pour fats/oils and other food scraps down the drains. Over a long period of time this will cause problems with the drains, septic system. It will result in an inconvenience to you as the tenant with drains backing up and not draining away property. It is also very detrimental to the environment. Do not flush sanitary products, disposable nappies or nappy wipes down the toilet. These items do not break down and cause obstructions in the drainage system. If these items are flushed and cause a blockage you will be held responsible for the cost of the repair.

Hot Water

Services How to recognize abnormal operation of your hot water service: Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve running It is normal for these valves to allow a small quantity of water to escape during the heating cycle and the unit expands and contracts. The amount of discharge will depend on hot water usage. As a guide, if it discharges more than 20 litres of water in 24 hours, please contact your Poperty Manager No Hot Water Check that a hot water outlet is not open eg. Shower is running or tap left on. Carefully review your family’s water consumption. Have you used all the hot water? On average (depending on length), a 250litre hot water service should provide 6 showers. Did you wash in hot water? If you are quite sure that you could not have consumed all the hot water, check your meter box. Has the isolation switch tripped? Most hot water services have a heating element and a thermostat. If you have not consumed your hot water, it is possible that the element or thermostat is faulty and requires replacement. Please contact our office and we will arrange for a plumber to attend to the replacement/repair of your hot water service.

Lights Or Power Points Not Working

No power to the property or no lights or no power points working.? Firstly check the metre box. In most cases the problem will be that a fuse or safety switch has tripped. This usually happens if you have a faulty appliance or if you have too many appliances switched on at the same time. Take special note of any switches that are in the off position. You will need to turn all switches to the off position, leave them off for a few minutes and then turn them all on again. Turn each appliance on, one at a time. If the safety switch trips when you turn on the toaster, kettle etc then it is likely that particular appliance is faulty or has just become faulty. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be the fridge or other major appliances that have recently become faulty. In an old home, you may have the old style fuses that should not be fixed by the tenants. Have a look at the fuses and see if you can see the wire broken on any of the fuses. If an electrician is called to the property and the fault is with one of your appliances or simply to reset the Safety Switch then you will be charged for the service fee.

Stove Element Not Working

Check the connections to make sure it is not loose or dirty. Sometimes pulling the element out, cleaning it and putting it back in again is all you need to do to fix the problem.

Oven Not Working

Check that you have not accidently put the automatic timer on. If the oven is on automatic then generally you will have no power to the oven and one or two stove elements will not be working. Turn the automatic setting off and the oven should work – if not then contact your property Manager.

Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink Blocked

Try using some draino to clear the blockage. You could also try pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap or hair or try the same with the kitchen sink to remove old food from the kitchen waste. Ensure that no foreign objects have found their way into the pipes or incinerator. Items that can cause problems are: disposable nappies; sanitary napkins; and teaspoons. Blockages caused by foreign objects are the tenant’s responsibility.

Garage Remote Control Not Working

Check the battery in the remote as this is the most common cause. Otherwise, check that the combination in the remote is the same as the combination on the panel in the garage. This is not always possible depending on the type of remote. If there has been a power outage you will be unable to open the automatic door unless you activate the manual release mechanism. This may need re-setting once the power has been restored in order to re-activate the automatic process. Check that the lever in the garage (generally next to the control box) is on auto. If it is on manual the remote control will not work. However, you should be able to manually operate the garage door.

Keys And Locks

If you have locked yourself out, you are responsible for gaining access to the property and will need to call a locksmith. All lost keys are the responsibility of the tenant. If a lock has to be rekeyed